Midgard Manual

Jean-Pierre Arneodo

Henri Bergius

Mark Constable

Dariusz Debowczyk

Emiliano Heyns

Jonni Lehtiranta

Ron Parker

Joost Soeterbroek

Carilda Thomas

Jamie Tomlinson

Armand Verstappen

Jukka Zitting

Table of Contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Introduction to Midgard
1.1. What is Midgard
1.2. Administration Interface
1.3. Examples of usage
1.4. Future Plans
Part II. User Guide
2. Basic Development
2.1. Building a basic site
2.2. SiteGroup, Virtual Database Environment
2.3. PHP basics
3. Content Management
3.1. Introduction to content management
3.2. Advantages of dynamic pages
3.3. Topic trees
3.4. Mapping dynamic content to pages
3.5. Attachments
3.6. Problems and solutions
4. Interfaces
4.1. Going further, truly dynamic pages!
4.2. Possible admin interfaces
4.3. Basic operations
4.4. Ways to make it work
4.5. Personalization
5. Integration
5.1. Using existing services
5.2. Embedding external data sources
5.3. PHP Tools
5.4. How to use both Midgard and Zend
5.5. Javascript
5.6. Adding the Jserv apache module
5.7. Adding non-midgard sites to the same apache server
5.8. Examples
Part III. Installation and administration
6. Installation guide
6.1. Basic infrastructure
6.2. Midgard backend
6.3. Apache modules
6.4. Installing Midgard as static modules in Apache
6.5. Starting up
6.6. Administration
A. Frequently Asked Questions
A.1. Meta-information
A.1.1. Who wrote this FAQ?
A.1.2. Where can I find the latest version of this FAQ?
A.1.3. Where can I get information about Midgard?
A.1.4. Is there an archive for this mailing list?
A.2. General
A.2.1. What is the license model? What am I allowed to do with Midgard?
A.2.2. Where are the release names coming from?
A.3. Installing Midgard
A.3.1. Where can I download Midgard?
A.3.2. Can I access Midgard via CVS?
A.3.3. When I try to build the midgard-lib module I get "midgard.c:25: crypt.h: No such file or directory".
A.3.4. Everything seems to work, the logfile shows a succesful pagewalk, but all pages return 404 Not found
A.3.5. Everything seems to work, but all the images are missing.
A.3.6. When I try to build the Midgard-PHP module, I get "apxs:Break: Command failed with rc=16711680".
A.3.7. configure keeps telling me it can't find the MySQL libraries
A.3.8. configure tells me it can't find mgd_...
A.3.9. I get an 'parse error in /www/httpd/html/midgard-root.php3 on line 13'... and midgard-root.php3 is only 12 lines long
A.3.10. When I attempt to access midgard-root.php3 I get a blank page
A.3.11. Apache error log contains the message: "[error] Midgard initialization failed". What's wrong?
A.3.12. I have successfully installed Midgard, but when I go to the Example/Admin site it just shows 'It worked!'
A.3.13. When I update a page or style record, Midgard keeps escaping my quotes with backslashes
A.3.14. The admin site prompts me for a password. How do I get in?
A.3.15. Midgard reports an error in the root page at line 12, but the root page is only 11 lines
A.3.16. Can Midgard do <wild feature XYZZY>?
A.3.17. Are there any applications available for Midgard?
A.4. Using Midgard
A.4.1. How does Midgard use hostnames or map URLs? How does Midgard work?
A.4.2. How do I generate my own Web site with Midgard?
A.4.3. How do I access the Midgard hosts I've created?
A.4.4. Hey, my Midgard example site answers as Admin site!?!
A.4.5. Can I use multiple styles within a single host?
A.4.6. How do I use the Midgard articles?
A.4.7. What are the "<| 0 |>" score widgets and how are they used?
A.4.8. code-init is an element name that has special meaning to Midgard. I've also seen code-global. Is there a list of these special element names and their meanings
A.5. Other questions
A.5.1. Is the Midgard distribution an entire replacement for my current PHP build?
A.5.2. What, if you don't mind explaining, makes Midgard different (or better?) than Zope?
A.5.3. Is Midgard internationalized? Can I use complex character sets with Midgard?
A.5.4. How difficult would it be to replace MySQL with Oracle or some other RDBMS?
A.5.5. It seems that currently Midgard works only on Unix platforms. Is there a Windows version?
List of Tables
2-1. Inline variable display modifiers
6-1. Installation paths
List of Examples
A-1. Host admin
A-2. httpd.conf