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  • Gerlinda Grosse - 17/01/2001 (15:49:13) написал(а):
    Предложение работы (и визы) в Германии (Green Card) Берлинская фирма ищет программиста C++/MFC (Windows 2000) ------------------------------------- About us: InGene, Ltd. is an early stage genomics company developing technology for the integration of bioinformatics and genomics tools to accelerate and improve the drug discovery process for human diseases. We provide an economical, reliable and flexible approach to enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to solve their most critical target identification challenges by applying large scale population based genomics. Located in Berlin, Germany, InGene boasts a rapidly growing network of collaborating hospitals and research institutions. Wee backed by major investors, significant funding, proven management, and a great business opportunity in both the healthcare and pharmaceutical space. This is an opportunity to leverage programing and/or healthcare experience into a new venue while at the same time providing something of growing value to your community. Our Culture: We are a young company built on a strong value system; we foster an innovative, energetic, open and team-oriented atmosphere. Our management style is simple; lead by example and do what it takes to make every employee happy and productive. Positions: The informatics and biomedical teams seek motivated individuals to work independently in a group of excellent performers. Informatics Team: Software Engineer Requirements: Experience in C/C++ programming under Microsoft Visual C/C++, Win 32-API, and MFC. Knowledge of SQL. Experience programming in the Windows 2000 O/S environment. Knowledge of Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) and the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Strong knowledge of English language with writing skills and willingness to converse in German where appropriate. Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the software engineer will cover all phases of the project – analysis, design, implementation, testing, production and documentation. Enjoys working in a Team environment. Please apply in writing or by email: InGene GmbH Schönstrasse 90 13086 Berlin Germany Phone: +49-30-960666-60 Fax: +49-30-960666-70 Email: ingene@ingeneonline.com
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