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  • Brahman - 02/11/2000 (12:43:25) написал(а):
    Экспорт ПО из Индии достиг $2,8 млрд. в первом полугодии! Экспорт программного обеспечения из Индии, по данным National Association of Software and Service Companies, вырос в первом полугодии финансового года на 63% и достиг $2,8 млрд., сообщила Financial Times. Эта сумма представляет 12,5% всего индийского экспорта. Около 61% экспортируемых программ поступает в США. Почти 25% роста экспорта достигнуто за счет продаж программ для электронной коммерции и IT-услуг.
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    • Рубен - 09/11/2000 (01:39:17) написал(а):
      ИНТЕРНЕТ ПРО ИНДИЮ: India has the biggest impact on the US offshore market. Much of the Indian data was provided by NASSCOM. It provides by far the most detailed statistics of any national software trade organization. With more than 500 companies competing in the offshore market, India has the greatest resource capability. The top 20 companies accounted for 60 percent of the offshore revenues of $1.1 billion (1996-1997). India has a sizeable number of software professionals (160,000 in 1996), with 60,000 new grads entering the workforce each year (compared to less than 30,000 in the US!). Roughly 15,000 will be dedicated to the software export market. The government of India and the state governments have played crucial roles in the rapid expansion of the software industry. Liberalized and simplified policies and procedures for doing business in India, tax incentives, import duty exemptions, and software technology parks for export software have been established. The governments have also provided a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure, which is critical to the industry. In addition, there has been an emphasis by many companies to be world leaders in software quality and processes. India is the leading country in using objective industry certifications, such as ISO 9001 and SEI Capability Maturity Model (CMM) assessments, to underpin its world-class software initiatives. In addition, the fact that English is common in business and education is a great advantage for India. But there are major challenges confronting the Indian software export industry. First, there is a high turnover rate of software professionals. This can have serious productivity and quality implications. The high industry growth rate is outstripping the supply of experienced project and program managers. Each year the experience level for these key positions continues to decline. There are also serious national infrastructure problems in power, transportation, and telecommunications within India. And finally, many companies are finding it difficult to maintain an adequate level of capital funding given their rapid growth rates. These are all serious issues with no easy or quick solutions.
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      • Василий - 10/11/2000 (16:51:37) написал(а):
        Рубен, если можно - поделитесь ссылкой на оригинал статьи
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        • Рубен - 10/11/2000 (22:35:17) написал(а):
          Пожалуйста, вот адрес ссылки: www.siliconindia.com/magazine/Aug98fight.html Fighting to Write: Global Competition in the Software Outsourcing Industry By Martin McCaffrey
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